MOONCHARTS propose you all the best of Elliott waves and Exocharts. The goal is to make you a better analyst and a profitable trader among the community from all around the world. Live streams, market updates, trade setups, are purely educational. We are all here to learn in a positive way. You will find all the help you need to learn in the community we have created. Anyone can become a good analyst and trader if they put their mind to it and do their best.
Matheo About us

Matheo is the MOONCHARTS Founder and Director with goals of teaching Elliott waves & Exocharts good to people and making them profitable in trading. “Learn Elliott waves & Exocharts….crush the chart” is the exact sentence to describe the company. He started trading at the age of 17 and he loves trading, charting and teaching. He spend hours and hours every single day in trading and charting as it is his passion.

” It all started when some people asked me to create a discord server in 2019 to present my personal technical analysis. With my very successful TA’s and predictions, after 2 years of creating a friendly and professional community, meeting awesome and really cool people from all around the world, in April 2021 I decided to change the features and create MOONCHARTS with a Youtube channel, social media, more features, better content to learn,… because I noticed that Many people unfortunately misuse Elliott Waves and say it doesn’t work, it is bad,….. This gives a very bad publicity for one of the best technical analysis in the world where you can predict next moves, tops, bottoms… and this is also what I want to change in people’s mind.
Today, I am really proud of what MOONCHARTS is and for me,
this is just the beginning. I’m looking forward to creating a bigger community
where we can all learn Elliott Waves the right way and become all successful in
trading. There is a long way to learn and become profitable in trading, but
everything is possible if you put an hard work in it.
I love teaching people about Elliott Waves, it’s such a
beautiful, strong and powerful emotion to see people become independent and
profitable in trading. “