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Learn Elliott waves and Exocharts with the easy-to-understand MOONCHARTS course. We avoid long sentences and get straight to the point. Highly increase your level at interesting prices.


Never be afraid again of not knowing what's going to happen next on the crypto markets, MOONCHARTS will give you all its knowledge and experience so you can become the best analyst and predict next moves.


Be part of the MOONCHARTS community over 600 members and get the best of Elliott waves and Exocharts. Get some tips, tricks, market updates video and live streams to succeed in trading...

At MOONCHARTS, we specialize in training individuals to become proficient Elliott Waves and Exocharts analysts and traders. By mastering Elliott Waves, one can utilize the entire price history as a fractal tool to anticipate future patterns and even forecast future prices. In combination with Exocharts, a trader can obtain robust targets and determine whether or not to execute a trade, making it a potent tool for trading.

It's almost like magic, as evidenced by MOONCHARTS successfully shorting Bitcoin's all-time high at 69k and accurately predicting market bottoms, buying at the exact low of 15k.

If you are interested in predicting market trends, executing trades with precision, gaining insight into future developments, and establishing a strong trading plan, we invite you to join the MOONCHARTS community today.

LEARN now and win more trades.

Many individuals who are now succeeding in the trading world have been taught by MOONCHARTS, which has helped them achieve profitability and outperform the market.

The path to success in trading is open to everyone. However, the most effective approach is not to rely on someone else's trades, such as those offered by signal groups. Instead, it involves investing time and effort to master technical analysis, or even multiple techniques.

You will receive the ultimate mentoring and support from MOONCHARTS to succeed in your learning and trading.

  • In short, the answer is yes!

    Anyone involved in the financial markets should dedicate some time to learn Elliott Wave analysis.

  • Elliott Waves is only accurate if done correctly.

    After about 70 odd years of controversy, we can finally use the Mr Elliott theory to predict prices of all asset classes, and even economic cycles. All you have to do is learn all the variations of the Elliott wave patterns and the fibonacci, how they combine with one another, and then practice, practice, then practice some more.

  • Those who for years misunderstood how EW can be used

    It formed something of an army against it for its subjectivity. However, they most likely never used the patterns/waves correctly because they had too many alternate interpretations drawn based on their own preferred count, and they ended up giving up. How can one even suggest that knowing the high and low probability wave counts can be bad for trading?

  • Elliott Wave analysis and its application is not a strategy.

    It's a highly predictive supplementary tool every serious trader should consider adopting, primarily to protect their accounts from bad trades, and then to make gains. The fun part starts when you start ratio analysis use Fibonacci extensions to identify entry, take-profit and stop-loss levels.


MOONCHARTS presents the finest trading network designed to educate individuals on Elliott Wave Theory and ExoCharts (a cutting-edge software aimed at optimizing trade entries and solidifying strategies). Our commitment to delivering unrivaled quality services propels you towards greater profitability. With comprehensive assistance tailored to your learning needs, we acknowledge the challenges of achieving success in trading and strive to make it attainable.

The information disseminated within our community is solely for educational purposes.

What is the MOONCHARTS discord server ?

The MOONCHARTS Discord server offers a space for engaging discussions with fellow members, receiving timely updates, and obtaining notifications for fresh content such as course videos and coin updates. Becoming a part of this server is essential for staying informed.

Will I get rich quick?

The trading journey is one of continuous learning and development. Success doesn’t come overnight; it takes dedication, persistence, and personal experience to truly flourish as a trader.

How old do I have to be?

There is only educational content, everyone is welcome.

Will I get trading signals ?

You will not get any signal. We are not a signal group. You will only get the MOONCHARTS trading plans and predictions as a VIP.

Can i re-watch live streams or videos if i miss them ?

All live streams and videos can be conveniently accessed and viewed on our website whenever you wish.

Which markets are we on most of the time ?

At MOONCHARTS, our primary focus is on cryptocurrency. While Matheo predominantly trades Bitcoin, he also devises and executes trades for altcoins during favorable periods.

How can I pay ?

You can pay by card (Stripe), Paypal and cryptocurrencies.

Is MOONCHARTS for me ?

If your goal is to achieve profitability in trading, you’ve come to the right place. We equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel as both a trader and an analyst.

For those enthusiastic about Elliott waves and trading, MOONCHARTS is the ideal platform to foster your success. We provide comprehensive educational resources tailored to your needs.

MOONCHARTS is trading crypto, is it the same for stocks ?

Cryptocurrency and stock markets exhibit few small differences when it comes to Elliott wave analysis. It’s important to note that MOONCHARTS does not provide guidance for the specific rules governing the stock market.


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